Hello! πŸ˜€ Media Plus is an advertising agency providing full scale marketing and advertising services. Founded in 2014 and located in Ramallah and Bethlehem. As a service provider, we are dedicated to creating, planning, and handling portfolios of different multimedia and publicity tools and integrated marketing & PR solutions. Media Plus undertakes the tasks of strategic media planning, negotiates media acquisitions, determines marketing endeavors, oversees design and production and ensures brand integrity. We provide a range of services through the various means of communication; Audio and Visuals, social media platforms, traditional printings and publications; event planning and coordination as well as digital media and Branding.

β€’ MP VISION πŸ‘

β€’ Our Vision is underpinned by a clear set of values and behaviors that guide us in everything we do. The role of media in our society is changing as a result of the growing concern that people have about its influence, and thus we strive to be a trusted leading media company with the ability to provide a wide range of multi-media services and marketing packages.


Media Buying
We work closely with the client to create a long-term plan for the advertising and develop a strategy that helps the client connect with new customers:
β€’ Call media outlets on regular basis to schedule the client ads.
β€’ We get our client better deals on the advertising time or space.
β€’ We monitor the media campaign on different outlets and repost to the client.
β€’ When it comes to billboard buying, we provide our client with all aspects involved in choosing the best location: traffic counts, cost, location, and visibility are all factors we will use to choose your billboard for maximum exposure and effective communication.

β€’ Digital Media: Social Media and Websites

The easy accessibility that the Internet has, the tremendous presence of people on social media platforms and the cost-efficient outreach that Internet provides is one reason to strongly emphasis on growing and developing digital services. This growth is being accelerated through providing creative and efficient services to clients around the region:
β€’ We handle different platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. to better connect the client with customers and soon-to-be customers and make the most of it, including creating custom Facebook pages and Twitter backgrounds, helping you build a strategy for each channel, maintaining your social media network, and targeting your advertising to the customers you want to reach.
β€’ Website designing, hosting and creating device-adaptive websites and applications with compelling graphic design.
β€’ We guarantee choosing your billboard for maximum exposure and effective communication.

β€’ Broadcast Media: documentary films, trailers, radio spots, and creative photography

β€’ Handle and design broadcast media such as radio and television interviews, campaigns, and radio jingles.
β€’ Design and promote Television and radio programs through broadcasting over top channels in different governorates
β€’ Tailored multimedia programs supporting non-profit organizations in reaching their goals by enhancing their PR and increasing the awareness of the services provided, including school, universities, hospitals, and social service agencies.

β€’ Public Relations

Manage communication companies between a company or non-profit organization and its key publics to build, manage and sustain its positive image through using the positive messages and translate those messages into positive media stories:
β€’ Prepare draft letters and presentations to donors, clients, …
β€’ Issue press releases in English and Arabic
β€’ Contact media to alert them for upcoming events according to the need of the client
β€’ Represent the client in local public events or press conferences
β€’ Managing corporate giveaways customized and tailored upon the need of the client
β€’ Handling public speaking requirements (prepare speech, PowerPoint presentation) and event organizing
β€’ Support expansion of business contacts via personal networking or attendance and sponsoring at events and maintain contact list of company / client
Handling media campaigns of public figures; the package includes:
1.1. Arranging for Radio interviews, articles and TV appearances.
1.2. Setting up and following up on their social media pages.
1.3. Printed adds of the campaigns (posters, Banners, Billboards)

β€’ Event Management

We plan your event carefully to meet your needs. Your event is professionally designed, managed, planned, coordinated and executed. As it is our job to match your specific needs with the necessary components to ensure a unique and perfect event, we will provide you with:

β€’ Branding & Event Theme Creation

We can create and design an event that is custom built around a corporation, brand or product. The event is completely designed using unique elements to communicate your brand or corporate message to guests. We also design themes and multi-day programs Events.

β€’ DΓ©cor

According to your theme and budget, we set the decor needed: may include table design, stage design, ceiling/stage/entrance treatments, floral arrangements, custom branding pieces, signage, booth creation etc.

β€’ Event Entertainment

We will suggest the best elements to be added to the schedule of your event and make sure you have the audience entertained. We set the entertainment schedule, the speakers program Including scripting and rehearsals, and any needed production accompanied.


Meet our team

Bashar Solh

Managing Partner

Juliana Hodali

Managing Partner

Farah Tbaileh

Projects Manager

Beesan Hmeidi

Senior Graphic Designer

Majd Qadri

Logistics and Support Officer




Director & Colorist


Gaffer & Editor